Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Just Wait! God's Blessing is on the Way

Psalm 27:14 (KJV)
Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.

Have you ever been in a season where you are waiting for a promise of a blessing from the Lord?  I am not talking about those times of trouble and hardship when we are looking for a breakthrough.  I'm talking about those times that God has promised to shower us with a blessing, and we just have to wait for that blessing to manifest?

It might be the promise of a promotion at our job, or the promise of finding a spouse, or of having a child, or getting a home, or a car, or being delivered from debt.  The promises of the Lord.  None of which we deserve due to anything that WE have done, but all things with which God chooses to bless us with, just because of HIS goodness and HIS mercy.

So once we've gotten the word that the blessing is coming, what do we do while we wait?  Do we wait grudgingly, as if God owes us something? Or do we wait with an expectancy that God has said that He is going to deliver the blessing, and believing that God delivers on His promises?

I believe to wait expecting God's blessing is what we are to do.  In other words, we are to praise God for the blessing even before it is delivered, and we are to show through our actions and in our words that we are ready for the blessing to arrive.

How do we do this?  Let's say we are waiting to be blessed with a promotion at our job.  To wrap up projects on which we are currently involved would be a way of us demonstrating our faith that we know our blessing is on the way.  We could also spend time preparing for the new position through studying, working with a mentor or any other thing that would show our belief in the blessing that is coming our way.

I firmly believe that God will equip us to handle any blessing or situation that is placed before us, but being active in our waiting just exhibits our faith in God's His promise of our blessing.

If God has promised us a spouse, then how are we preparing?  Are we living a life that is focused on things of the spirit, or are we still living to please the flesh?  Are we spending more time at the club or in the word?  I believe that all women want a husband who respects them...who honors them...who encourages them...who loves them...who protects them...who covers them...who takes their family's concerns and needs and gratitude before the Lord.  Is there such a thing as a perfect husband?  No.  No one is perfect, but there IS such a thing as a Godly husband.

So if we are believing that God is delivering THAT husband to us, do we feel that we are ready to receive THAT blessing?  Are we the Godly wife that He wants us to be?  Are we keeping our bodies that temple that we are supposed to?  Are we spending time listening and dancing to music that demeans women and downplays true family values?  Or do we instead find accountability partners who will help us stay in line with God's word when temptation comes?

So as we pray and look and wait for our blessing, I believe it is critical that we demonstrate our faith in that blessing manifesting, while waiting with a sense of expectation.

Let's join in prayer. "God I know that you want what's best for me and our family, and for that I am grateful. I thank you for the blessings that you bestow upon my family each day, and I look forward to those blessings that you have promised to deliver. Let me demonstrate my faith in your promises through my actions and through my words. I praise your name for being the keeper of promises and I praise You ahead of the blessing. In Jesus' name. Amen."


Ashley Sue said...

Amen! As someone waiting to become a parent, this is such a refreshing reminder of what I already know and need to live better. Thank you! I know other women who could benefit greatly from believing in His promises, as they believe in Him, but certainly seem to have lost some faith in promises delivered.

Thank you!

Verna Collins Odoom said...

Ashley Sue,

One thing of which I have had to occasionally remind myself has been to wait on God's promises with an expectancy in my spirit.

I just want to demonstrate my faith in His word and that regardless of what I see, that He is going to always keep His promises to me.

The funny part is that I still act in that human way although time and time again, I have seen Him deliver on his promises in ways that absolutely blow me away!

Thanks for your words and for taking time to write!

Hugs to you, always!


Ashley Sue said...

And thank you for your time to reply!

Indeed, I want to have Faith, and I want my Faith to be evident and demonstrative.

My Mom often says we are not meant to worry, as worrying shows that we doubt in God's Power and Love.

Your post really was a beautiful reminder of that, and how I want to live. Even though that human way will sneak upon us, we must allow our Faith to be stronger than our flesh. Thank you for encouraging and reminding me (us) of that.

Hugs. ;)

Anonymous said...

Ask and you will receive. Knock and the door shall be opened on to you. A few years ago i was told i would never conceive naturally. I prayed to my heavenly father daily. I often heard his voice where he said i would give birth to a son. Years pasted and nothing happened. Doubt entered my mind at times but i kept on praying as i remembered his promise. Eventually i gave birth to two sons. One is now 15 and the other is 6 years old. Now i am not married but i long for a husband. There have been situations in my life that i have been ashamed of but i love the Lord and have asked him to take charge of my life. I believe one day the Lord will bless me with a husband. I just need to wait upon the Lord believe and strengthen my faith. Never give up on him, even if nothing appears to be happening right now. He will act when the time is right for you. Believe even though you do not see. Listen to his voice and know he will bless you. Build your relationship with him through prayer and give to people who need help. Not just with money but by being supportive to others in difficult situations. Take the focus of yourself and listen to what God wants you to do. We all live busy lives but remember to pray and give thanks for the things he has already done for you. He has never failed me, even when i have been stubborn and arrogant. I'm so glad his ways aren't our way. How great and awesome is our Lord Jesus Christ.